Job Role: Enrolled Nurse

  SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP)
  Career Conversion Programme (CCP)
  Stackable full qualification

Enrolled nurses provide basic nursing care and patient education under the supervision and direction of registered nurses. They operate in various settings such as acute care, primary care, community hospitals, integrated care and long-term care facilities. They typically require skills in Person-centred Care, Health and Wellness and Critical Core Skills.

This diagram shows an example of a multi-step approach to reskill into an enrolled nurse from any job role using stackable full qualifications or targeted placement programmes like CCP.

This diagram also shows examples of job roles that enrolled nurses can progress to in future with career mobility planning. There are options to enter nursing roles via the polytechnic or autonomous university.

3Examples of skills listed are Critical Core Skills and Emerging Domains, which are clusters of skills. Not every skill within a listed emerging domain will be relevant for a growth role. 4Salary ranges shown for the corresponding job roles are based on the minimum and maximum renumeration rates advertised in job postings in 2022. 5The numbers of job postings shown in this diagram are derived from the total number of job postings for the corresponding job roles in 2022.

This identified job role accounts for the six growth job roles, which make up 74% of the job postings from 2019-2022^. Find out more about the opportunities for career transitioners here.

^Source: SalaryBoard

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17 Nov 2023