Job Role: Business Development Manager

  SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP)
  Career Conversion Programme (CCP)
  Stackable full qualification

Business development managers assume the responsibility of supporting their organisations’ business development strategies, expanding current business portfolios, and overseeing the running of sales and marketing activities. They maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions to identify competitors and market trends. They typically require skills in AI, Data and Analytics, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Teaching and Learning, Person-centred Care, Collaboration with Stakeholders and Critical Core Skills.

This diagram shows an example of a multi-step approach to reskill into a business development manager from adjacent roles like logistics solutions managers or relationship managers using stackable full qualification pathways. Targeted placement programmes like CCP can also facilitate this career transition from any job role.

The diagram also shows examples of job roles that business development managers can progress to in future with career mobility planning.

This identified job role accounts for the six growth job roles, which make up 74% of the job postings from 2019-2022^. Find out more about the opportunities for career transitioners here.

^Source: SalaryBoard

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17 Nov 2023