What is it?

The Workplace Skills Recognition (WPSR) programme aims to help enterprises, particularly SMEs build foundation in workplace learning and recognise workers’ skills trained at the workplace.

Enterprises that attain the Workplace Learning:Ready (WPL:READY) mark under the WPSR, will be able to fast track skills assessment and help their workers gain formal recognition of the skills they have developed at the workplace, without the need to go for external training.

The WPSR programme is developed by SkillsFuture Singapore with the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE) and NTUC.

More details on the launch and application process will be available in due course.

Who is it for?

For enterprises, especially SMEs

The WSPR programme will be piloted in the Food Services and Retail sectors from Q2 2023, and will be progressively expanded to more sectors.

How does it work?

If your organisation has established systems and processes to support on-the-job training, you can approach NACE to assess the readiness of your organisation to meet the WPL:READY requirements and apply for the certification.

Upon receiving the WPL:READY certification, you will be able to work with SSG’s appointed training partners to certify the skills of your employees through the Assessment-Only-Pathway mode through which, they can attain the relevant Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certifications.

For enterprises that require assistance, NACE is able to help you build workplace learning capabilities through various training programmes and consultancy services.

How will I benefit?

For Employers

  • Faster and more efficient skills recognition and certification for your employees

  • Less time spent away from work

  • Fulfilment of the training requirements under the Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

For Employees

  • New and more efficient pathway for employees to attain WSQ certifications



18 May 2023