Skills Frameworks to support the Industry Transformation Maps

What is it?

Skills Framework is an integral component of the Industry Transformation Maps. It is co-created by Employers, Industry Associations, Education Institutions, Unions and Government for the Singapore workforce. Skills Framework provides key sector information, occupations/job roles, and the required existing and emerging skills.

Skills Framework is also developed with the objectives to build deep skills for a lean workforce, enhance business competitiveness and support employment and employability.

Who is it for?

  • Determine the choice of study based on your aspirations
  • Make informed decisions on your career choice before applying
  • Prepare job applications and interviews

  • Understand the sector and employment prospects
  • Learn about the occupational/job scope, the work context and in-demand work attributes by employers in the sectors
  • Provide informed advice to children and students as they choose their desired pre-employment training programme
Frequently Asked Questions
19 May 2023