Mr Chan Chun Sing

Minister for Education

Our operating environment is changing rapidly, and the way in which we approach skills training must also keep pace. Digital technology has progressed rapidly from the advent of the Internet to cloud technology to machine learning. ChatGPT and Large Language Models may dominate discussions today, but be antiquated tomorrow given the velocity of digital advances. Geopolitics is increasingly affecting trade and supply chains. The speed at which climate change is happening underscores the urgency with which societies must step up on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

These developments will have a profound impact on businesses, nature of jobs, and what it takes for our workers to stay relevant. In this dynamic environment, it is critical that we build up our understanding of the skills needed by our workers, so that we can respond and act early. This is why we launched the annual Skills Demand for the Future Economy report two years ago, to distil the global trends shaping jobs and skills, examine the skills demanded by employers, and spotlight in-demand and transferable skills.

With these skills insights, we hope to support Singaporeans in making purposeful training decisions to boost their employability and better seize new job opportunities. Training providers must be nimble in developing training programmes that can meet evolving needs of both industry and individuals. For example, the refreshed SkillsFuture Series courses launched in early 2023 is a response to the skills top-ups demanded by the digital, green and care economies. Through this consolidation of enterprises’ skills needs, we hope to work more closely with employers to strengthen our collective understanding of the skills environment and to use this yearly report as a guide to developing the skills of our workforce.

Our people are our greatest asset, and we will continue to support their growth through upskilling and reskilling. With a strong workforce, our businesses can continue to adapt and transform and I have every confidence that Singapore will continue to stay competitive in an uncertain world. Thank you to all our partners who have provided valuable insight to the report, and I look forward to your continued contributions to the SkillsFuture Movement.

17 Nov 2023