SkillsFuture Advice

Give your career a boost!

What is it?

SkillsFuture Advice brings to Singaporeans useful information on SkillsFuture programmes and shares how you can tap on the various resources for your career planning and upgrading needs.

Who is it for?

For all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

How will I benefit?

The 1-hour webinar will guide you in developing your resilience and upskilling plans through practical information and online resources:

• Understand your resilience and find learning programmes/initiatives that suit your needs.

• Learn practical tips on developing your resilience mindset, building a circle of social support and improving your employability by planning for the future.

• Learn about SkillsFuture programmes, including SkillsFuture Credit, funding support to offset your course fees, as well as, government support schemes (SGUnited jobs and COVID-19 support grant) to help you ride through the tough times.

• Get an introduction to the MySkillsFuture portal that will help you in your career and learning development.

• Discover courses to help you transit into available job roles and a glimpse into the hiring sectors.

As you focus on your future, upskilling and staying relevant becomes important to help you seize opportunities when they arise. Kickstart your learning journey today!

How does it work?

For Individuals – Sign up for complimentary SkillsFuture Advice workshops, conducted at selected National Library branches, community clubs and company offices islandwide. The workshops will help you understand the need for career and skills planning, as well as provide information on the relevant SkillsFuture programmes and services.

For Organisations – Bring the workshop to your organisation! The workshop can be held at your organisation’s premises with the content contextualised to your organisation’s needs.

Online – There are also online resources to guide you in your skill development.

SkillsFuture Advice Workshops and Webinars for Individuals

Sign up for the SkillsFuture Advice webinar entitled “Learn, Unlearn, Relearn: Staying Relevant with SkillsFuture”

  • Free 1 hour interactive webinar

  • Learn key trends in the Future of Work

  • Explore how to tap on SkillsFuture programmes, SG United Jobs and Skills and thrive in the skills-based future of work

  • Discover “4 Ways to Keep Your Skills Relevant for Career Development” and build your skills portfolio

  • Claim your SkillsFuture Credit to offset your course fees

  • Search for courses to bridge your skills gap through MySkillsFuture portal

SkillsFuture Advice for organisations

Bring SkillsFuture Advice to your organisation

SkillsFuture Advice can be contextualised to your organisation’s needs. We have been part of many organisations' learning events and festivals.

  • Contextualised content to meet your employees’ needs

  • Held at your office premise

  • Flexible timing

Quick Online Guide

Access SkillsFuture Advice information here

  • Learn about SkillsFuture programmes

  • Plan for your skills upgrading options

  • Find out various resources to help you discover your career interests and strengths, keep updated on industry trends and tools to identify skill gaps and courses.