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This inaugural report spotlights the priority skills and jobs in demand in three specially selected, emerging, high-growth areas.

Job-Skills Insights is the umbrella of resources that provides information and insights into the in-demand skills and job for the future economy. Individuals can make use of these resources to understand the industry needs to guide their skills development journey. Enterprises too, can use them to guide their skills development roadmap for employees as businesses evolve

2022 Skills Demand for the Future Economy Report: an annual publication that highlights the priority skills and jobs in selected high-growth areas to help citizens understand the value of skills to their jobs and their future career opportunities.

Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights: quarterly publication that spotlight high-tempo jobs and skills changes within specific sectors or economies to keep citizens and enterprises updated on fast-moving jobs and skills. The first issue covers the Training and Adult Education sector.


Constant skills development is key for both personal and profession development. There is a need to learn and adapt due to the unpredictability of the future.

The first issue of the Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights covers the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector, highlighting three emerging trends that are driving demand for TAE jobs and skills:

  1. Education Technologies (EdTech) and related skills are powering the TAE business.
  2. There is increased recognition of the criticality of workplace learning, and the need for capabilities to organise the workplace for learning.
  3. Career/learning counselling and coaching-related skills have risen in significance and demand, to translate industry trends and business transformations to tangible actions that can be taken by individuals who want to enhance their workplace performance or prepare for career pivoting.