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SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights (SFJSI) is a publication that spotlights high-tempo jobs and skills changes within specific sectors or economies to keep citizens and enterprises updated. ​

SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights


In the dynamic business landscape where jobs are constantly changing, ensuring workforce skills relevance and adequacy is also becoming increasingly challenging for organisations. A skills-first approach in workforce management would be vital for enterprises to stay adapt, agile and resilient. HR will be a pivotal partner to enterprises in adopting skills as the currency and foster a skills-first culture that aligns with business goals.

This report highlights the following key messages:

  • A "skills-first" approach over traditional qualifications is key to foster a competitive and adaptable workforce. Organisations must prioritise a skills-first approach, implementing robust hiring and learning and development processes, and integrating skills evaluation into performance management to ensure a competitive talent pipeline.
  • HR plays a pivotal role in driving the shift towards skills-centric assessments and upskilling initiatives.
  • Integrating skills into learning and development programmes can lead to improved productivity and a more collaborative workplace culture.
  • Skills such as Organisational Strategy Development, Job Analysis and Evaluation, Talent Capabilities Assessment and Learning Framework Development, can strengthen HR’s capabilities in driving “skills-first” approach.



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This publication of SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights spotlights the latest jobs, skills insights and curated training programmes for counsellors. Together with the Counselling Track under the Skills Framework for Social Service, it aims to guide the development plans for the Counselling profession.

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This publication of SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights looks into the adoption of Industry 4.0 by companies, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises and the skills needed by the workforce to do so.

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This publication of SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights provides insights for mid-careerists, aged 40 and above, who do not have a tech background and are interested to pursue a tech career.

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Skills for Engineers and Technicians in the Green Economy, January 2023

[Updated October 2023] This publication of SkillsFuture Jobs-Skills Insights covers green skills for the engineering workforce, highlighting sought after cross-sector and cross-functional green skills.

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Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights on Training and Adult Education, July 2022

This publication of Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights covers the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector, highlighting three emerging trends that are driving demand for TAE jobs and skills.

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19 May 2023