Workplace Literacy and Workplace Numeracy Series

What is it?
  • Workplace Literacy (WPL) - improves your English literacy (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing)

  • Workplace Numeracy (WPN) - improves your Numeracy

There are eight language proficiency levels in the WPLN series. Before applying for WPLN training, you will have to go through an assessment to be placed into the right training level.

Course Type
Modalities covered in the  course
Modalities to be taken for  assessment  onwards
WPL (Comprehensive)
Reading, Listening,  Speaking,  Writing
Reading, Listening,  Speaking, Writing
WPL (Writing)Reading, WritingReading, Writing
WPL (Conversational)Reading, Listening, 
Reading, Listening, 

Training recommendation will be based on the selected WPL or WPN training pathway with relevant modalities for WPLN assessment.

The WPLN assessments are computer-based. For more details on the WPLN assessments, please visit British Council (Singapore) Limited’s  website.


The Candidate Report issued by British Council (Singapore) Limited will reflect the individual’s results for each component completed (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Core Grammar and Vocabulary, and Numeracy) in terms of a skill score (out of 50 points per skill). The corresponding WPLN proficiency level will also be reported for each component, except for Core Grammar and Vocabulary.

Results are reported separately for each skill.

Individuals’ WPLN assessment results will be available through British Council (Singapore) Limited’s registration and payment system within 5 days of the assessments being completed.

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03 May 2024