What is it?

Critical Core Skills (CCS) comprises of 16 competencies across three skills cluster, that workplaces deem essential. They are:

  • Thinking Critically: Cognitive skills are the root of technical skill development and progression. It is needed to think broadly and creatively to see connections and opportunities during change.

  • Interacting with Others: Learning from others is an effective way to acquire new skills, exchange ideas and build a shared understanding of a problem or situation.

  • Staying Relevant: Managing oneself effectively and paying close attention to trends that impact work and living, to provide the strategies, direction and motivation for technical skill development.

Who is it for?

Individuals: Equip yourself with CCS to remain employable and acquire technical skills required to perform in job roles and adapt to changes and seize career development opportunities.

Employers: Build technical and CCS skills among your employees so that your organisation remains nimble and agile. Reskill and upskill your employees for business transformation.

Training Providers: Reference CCS to develop soft skills curriculum and integrate them as part of technical skills training. Ensure relevant and current course offerings to meet individuals’ skills development needs and industries’ skills demand.


How does it work?


CCS Reference Documents

Each CCS has a skill description and proficiency level descriptions, as well as the Knowledge and Abilities one needs to have and demonstrate to show evidence of skills.

CCS Proficiency Level Ruler

The CCS Proficiency Level Ruler describes the level of responsibility, autonomy and complexity required for the three proficiency levels (i.e. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) defined from the CCS.

List of Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) for CCS Programmes

CCS facilitate employability by supporting individuals in acquiring Technical Skills and Competencies for various job roles in different sectors.

Advisory to Training Providers

SSG has appointed 13 Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) via the CCS Call-for-Proposal exercise, to deliver CCS-aligned modular training programmes.

09 May 2024