What is it?

Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights (JSQI) is a quarterly publication that spotlights high-tempo jobs and skills changes within specific sectors or economies to keep citizens and enterprises updated. ​

Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights

Riding on the insights from the Skills Demand for the Future Economy 2022 report, this issue of SSG’s Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights dives deeper into the Green Economy to look at the green skills for the engineering workforce. The key insights are:

1. Cross-sector and cross-functional green skills are most highly sought after by employers for the engineering job roles in the transition towards a greener economy.

2. The demand for green skills reflects greening job content for existing engineers and technicians as well as the emergence of new and emerging green job roles.​

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July 2022 Job-Skills Quarterly Insights on Training and Adult Education

The first issue of the Jobs-Skills Quarterly Insights covers the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector, highlighting three emerging trends that are driving demand for TAE jobs and skills.

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19 May 2023