General Questions

Why are the enhanced internships for polytechnic and ITE courses only? Will internships feature in the programmes of universities as well?

SIT and the publicly-funded Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), which are pioneering the applied degree pathway, feature internships integrating work and study as part of the core curriculum. The other Autonomous Universities are also placing increasing emphasis on internships.

When exactly will the enhanced internships be carried out?

Enhancements will be rolled out over the next two years to two-third of polytechnic and half of ITE courses. By 2020, all polytechnic and ITE courses will have their internships enhanced.

Has MOE done any earlier reviews of polytechnic and ITE internships? What were the earlier enhancements to these internships?

The polytechnics and ITE conduct regular course and curriculum reviews, under the guidance of academic advisory councils comprising industry representatives and academic staff, to ensure that their course content remains updated and aligned with industry needs. This may include adjustments and enhancements to the structure of internship modules.

How will we ensure that internships will be more structured and better integrated with classroom learning, as compared to existing ones?

The polytechnics and ITE will work more closely with industry partners and employers to enhance the structure of the internships and define clear learning outcomes where needed. These enhancements will result in more meaningful workplace attachments and increased involvement on the part of companies in developing and training interns, which will help prepare students better for their transition into the workplace.

Do enhanced internships mean that students will have a shorter time in school to cram all their theory learning? Will this mean shortened holidays? Will existing classroom learning be modified as well?

The polytechnics and ITE will adjust their programme curricula where necessary, taking into account student well-being. In addition, the enhanced internships will provide increased opportunities for on-the-job learning that both complement and augment the theory taught in the classroom.

28 Jun 2023