Equipping Singaporean adults with digital literacy skills for the digital economy

The SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace 2.0 (SDFW 2.0), is a training programme that focuses on four key areas: automation, cybersecurity risk, data analytics, and in-demand digital tools.

It aims to help Singaporeans and enterprises be better prepared for the rapidly evolving digital economy. The initiative was first launched in 2017 to equip Singaporeans with basic digital skills at the workplace. The relaunched SFDW 2.0 will focus on delivering training that are relevant and up-to-date with the latest digital trends.

SSG has also worked with the appointed programme partners to develop customised training programmes for six sectors – namely Built Environment, Food Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Tourism and Transportation. Employers in other sectors who wish to contextualise the training programme can also approach SSG’s appointed programme partners to do so.


Who is it for?


The SFDW 2.0 programme aims to equip Singaporean adults (including those planning to return to the workforce) with digital literacy skills to prepare them for the digital economy.


The programme, with a duration of up to 2 days, seeks to equip Singaporeans with emerging digital skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Internet of Things.


Employers will be able to tap on the SFDW 2.0 to equip their employees with the right mind-set and skills for the digital economy.


How will I benefit?


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to demonstrate basic working knowledge and competencies with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Awareness of the jobs and digital skills required in the current and future digital economy
  2. Able to work in a technology-rich environment and know the associated cybersecurity risks
  3. Awareness of various digital applications and tools in work applications, including widely applicable national or sectoral platforms
  4. Awareness of how data and information can be used
  5. Perform functional outcomes through use of digital tools and software to access various learning paths and content
  6. Able to follow or develop a post-course action plan to continue learning and further deepen skillsets in the four key areas of automation, cybersecurity risk, data analytics and in-demand digital tools

How do I apply?


For more information on SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace, please contact SSG’s appointed programme partners.

Programme Partners Contact Details / Registration Details
Ascendo Academy Pte Ltd

Ms Jessica Yeo
Email: sdfw@ascendo.edu.sg
Contact: +65 8383 2908

Capelle Academy Pte Ltd

Email: contactus@capelleconsulting.com
Contact: +65 6325 4982

James Cook Institute Pte Ltd

(Formerly known as Eagle Infotech Consultant Pte Ltd*)

Email: enquiry@jci.edu.sg
Training Hotline: +65 6737 5761
WhatsApp: +65 8767 0614
Visit here for more information.

*ACRA has approved the name change with effect from 21 July 2023. There is no change to it's Unique Entity Number and registered office address.

Eduquest International Institute Pte. Ltd.

Email: info@eduquest.sg
Contact: +65 6338 7151

Global Training Services Pte. Ltd.

Email: info@global.edu.sg / ben@global.edu.sg
Contact: +65 6684 8100 / +65 8383 6666

Lithan Academy Pte Ltd

Email: info@lithan.com
Contact: +65 6324 9730

NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd

For Individual Enquiries:
Email: sales@ntuclearninghub.com
WhatsApp: +65 8488 5482

For Corporate Enquiries:
Email: corpsales@ntuclearninghub.com

Visit here for more information.

Nanyang Polytechnic Visit here for more information.
Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business Email: enquiry@scciob.edu.sg
Contact: +65 6505 3898 / +65 6334 1080


Singapore National Employers Federation

Email: christopher_oh@snef.org.sg
Contact: +65 6827 6919

Singapore Polytechnic

Email: pace@sp.edu.sg
Contact: +65 6772 1288


Participants who have completed the SFDW 2.0 can tap on the curated list of training programmes under SkillsFuture Series for specialised skills and knowledge in areas such as data analytics, cyber security and technology-enabled services.

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10 Jul 2023