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Abdul Jalil Bin Idros
Senior Engineer
YTL PowerSeraya Pte Ltd

Abdul Jalil made experience-building a priority early in his career, and went on to pursue part-time studies and attend seminars later to broaden his knowledge. He is now a senior engineer who plans to deepen his expertise, while training his colleague on cybersecurity, and systems operations and maintenance.

Ang Kian Hua
Master Craftsman
Makino Asia Pte Ltd

Kian Hua picked up his skills through his job and industry-relevant courses. Today, he is a Master Craftsman certified by Singapore Manufacturing Federation. He coaches his team and new hires, and also supervises Institute of Technical Education interns, ensuring they achieve high levels of competencies.

Chai Boon Keong, Raven
Founder, Principal Consultant
UX Consulting Pte Ltd

Raven started his career in the emerging field of User Experience (UX), and is the founder of a local UX community. He travels to learn from global experts, and trains and inspires young practitioners and lecturers in the field of UX. He has also co-developed a structured mentorship programme with industry peers.

Chua Mui Hon, Elsie
Living Sanctuary Kindergarten

Elsie is an Early Childhood Development Agency Fellow who furthered her passion in her career by pursuing a Masters of Education. She believes in strong partnerships with parents to nurture children under her care. She also devotes her time to help the industry grow by conducting workshops for centre leaders and lecturing at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Chua Sau-Yin, Bernadette
Dream Catalyst Pte Ltd

Bernadette is a Business Culture Architect who believes that people and culture are vital parts of business value creation. A certified Practising Consultant and Enterprise Singapore SkillsFuture Mentor, she is committed to building successful business cultures. She journeys with progressive business leaders and their teams to shape enterprises of the future.

Goh Pek Hong
Senior Bus Captain
SBS Transit Ltd

Pek Hong started as a Bus Captain in 1995 before rising through the ranks to become a certified trainer and Service Mentor. To do so, she attended training in various areas from technical and safety to customer services. Now she coaches new Bus Captains and she plans to continue to sharpen her leadership and digital skills.

Ho Nai Chuen, Charles
Managing Director
On Cheong Company Pte Ltd

Charles believes that skills and experience are essential to his business growth. He worked as a salesman, and Human Resource Manager before taking on the position of Managing Director. He successfully transformed On Cheong Jewellery into a full-fledged jeweller specialising in contemporary designs. He also spearheaded many industry initiatives as President of Singapore Jewellers Association, which include grooming young jewellers.

Jumari Bin Semin
Master Technical Specialist
SBS Transit Ltd

Jumari began his career as a Vehicle Mechanic Apprentice in 1995, and deepened his technical skills through training to become an on-the-job trainer today. As a mentor, he plans to further develop his coaching and digital skills as he strongly believes in providing hands-on training to hone the skills of his younger colleagues.

Kea Yuen Cheo, Jimmy
Baker Technical Assistance/ Demonstrator
Lesaffre Pte Ltd

Jimmy is a bakery and pastry chef and instructor who actively shares his passion of bread-making with younger generations. He has nurtured bakers for overseas competitions, and strongly encourages his students to pursue continuous learning throughout their careers. He also plans to continue deepening his expertise in the bakery industry.

Khoo Song Beng, Gwern
A Noodle Story

Gwern is an award-winning founder of a Singapore-style ramen hawker stall. He left school early to support his family, and mastered his skills by working for free in top restaurants worldwide. He also grooms aspiring hawkers to keep the trade alive, and plans to establish a training institute to further develop the hawker culture.

Koo Tech Chye, Alan
Compliance Officer
ST Engineering – Electronics, (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd

Alan, an advocate of lifelong learning, is an active member of the Singapore Institution of Safety Officers and specialises in Trade Compliance, Productivity, Workplace Safety and Quality Assurance in the electronics industry. Aiming to groom the next generation of talent in ST Engineering, he enjoys writing training manuals and training his staff.

Lee Chin Lye, Clayton
Director and Senior Arborist
Arborleaf Pte Ltd

Clayton’s interest in agriculture was cultivated since young from his family’s farming activities. With a horticulture diploma, hands-on experience and guidance from mentors, he honed his skills to become a business owner and Certified Master Arborist of the International Society of Arboriculture. Clayton is also a trainer at the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology.

Lim Hoe Meng, Ryan
Principal Consultant and Founding Partner
QED Consulting Pte Ltd

Ryan is a digital marketing pioneer, and a member of the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s Board of Directors. He designed and developed ASEAN’s first Specialist Diploma in Communications Strategies with Republic Polytechnic in 2016, and has trained over 3,000 marketing professionals across ASEAN in digital, marketing and communications strategies.

Loo Kian Tien
Restaurant Manager
HH Properties Pte Ltd

Kian Tien is an inspiring lifelong learner who worked her way up from waitress to restaurant manager through picking up new skills on the job. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in preparation for higher job roles. Many colleagues whom she actively coached were also promoted to senior positions.

Low Chee Siong, Edwin
Co-founder and Designer
Supermama Store Pte Ltd

Edwin pursued his design interest by learning from design maters. In 2011, he left his job to start Supermama, a store that promotes Singapore design. One of his collections titled “Singapore Icons” attained the Design of the Year Award under the President’s Design Award. Today, he grooms younger designers by showcasing their work locally and overseas.

Moey Khuin, Bernard
Concert Piano and Pipe Organ Tuner
The Esplanade Co Ltd

Bernard specialises in piano technology and has tuned for numerous world-renowned artistes. After obtaining a music degree and certification in piano technology from the USA, he attended advanced technical training in piano and pipe organ tuning in Germany. Bernard plans to further fine-tune his skills in convert piano preparation through advanced technical training conducted overseas.

Dr Nachamma Sockalingam
Assistant Director, Learning Sciences Lab (LSL)
Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Dr Nachamma is the founding Programme Director of LSL at SUTD. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. As a pioneering, award-winning educational developer, she has led several successful local and international projects towards enhanced teaching and learning. She aspires to champion innovative educational and development programmes for sustained, community-based teaching excellence.

Nagalinggam Thamarai
Senior Cluster Quality Manager
NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited

Thamarai pursued her passion by joining the early childhood care and education industry as a pre-school teacher, and developing her skills to become a Senior Cluster Quality Manager. Today, she actively mentors principals and undertakes development projects as an Early Childhood Development Agency Fellow.

Neo Kay Choon, Colin
Taxi Hirer
TIBS/SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd

Colin started his journey with a primary school education and speaking only Mandarin. He continued to upgrade his literacy and digital skills, and is now one of the top recruiters in the National Taxi Association. He also made key contributions to the development of the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme for taxi drivers.

Rahmatunnisha Bti Mohamed Abdul Karim
Horsburgh Integrated Services Pte Ltd

Rahmatunnisha started as a cleaner, and is now a supervisor actively pursuing training to understand industry products and processes. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with colleagues, helping them perform their tasks correctly. She believes there is no limit to what she can achieve, and she can deliver her best regardless of profession.

Seow Yee Ling, Mavis
Deputy Head, Psychology/Principal Clinical Psychologist
Institute of Mental Health

Mavis is passionate about clinical psychology. She sees patients for psychological services and supervises psychologists. Winning a teaching award for Allied Health Educators in 2014 cemented her belief for capability building, and she formalised an attachment programme. Constantly seeking knowledge, Mavis is currently studying a Doctorate in Psychology.

Sharifah Masturah Binte Syed Muhammad Shahab
Senior Programme Lead and Associate Trainer
Rainbow Centre-Yishun Park School

Sharifah Masturah’s inspiration comes from working with children who have special learning needs. She mentors new teachers and conducts talks for trainee teachers, using tools such as online sharing platforms to facilitate easy exchange of knowledge and learning materials.

Dr Sia Choon Beng
Technical Consultant and Applications Manager
FormFactor Inc.

Dr Sia is a wafer-level semiconductor test expert. His achievements, innovating novel test techniques and advocacy of “learning through sharing”, are well respected by semiconductor companies, and research and defence institutions. Through international standards-governing technical committees. He relentlessly develops measurement standards and best practices which help guide inexperienced test engineers.

Sim Kok Leong, Steven
Senior Manager (IT Security)
PSA Corporation Limited

Steven contributed notably to the emerging cybersecurity domain, by co-developing national community security guidelines, while grooming his mentees in the Singapore Computer Society mentoring programme, and participants of the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme. He holds multiple significant positions in prominent cyber security organisations, and continues to deepen his skills.

Sofyan Bin Sahrom
Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Specialist and PhD Candidate
Edith Cowan University

Sofyan started as a sports masseur, and progressed to become a certified S&C coach. While he was at Singapore Sports Institute and Singapore Sports School, he coached athletes across various sports on S&C. He also innovated a research-driven training programme for youths at Singapore Sports School. Sofyan aims to contribute further to the professional development of S&C.

Captain Tay Liang Chang, Philip
Chief Executive Officer
Apex Ship Management Pte Ltd

Captain Tay is a veteran of the sea transport industry with over 40 years of experience in commercial and technical aspects of shipping, He is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Nanyang Technological University. Philip also actively mentors local seafaring cadets, and encourages Singaporeans to take up a seafarer career.

Assoc Prof Wang Ee Jen, Wilson
Head, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, National University Health System Chairman
Residency Advisory Committee for Orthopaedic Surgery, MOH

Assoc Prof Wang specialises in orthopaedic surgery and hold multiple appointments in the medical field. He is spearheading the use of innovative healthcare technologies to develop and expand skillsets of healthcare professionals. He also advises hospitals on how to change and adapt technology in the area of orthopaedics and musculoskeletal ageing.

Dr Yap Choon Pian, Matthew
Managing Director
Ashtree International Pte Ltd

Dr Yap serves as the airside safety and security advisor to Changi Airport Group airport construction packages. He is also a certified National Inspector by International Civil Aviation Organisation, and in aviation security and safety management system. He upgrades himself regularly through industry certifications, and will complete a law degree in 2019.

Dr Yee Fook Cheong
Associate Professor of Engineering
Singapore Institute of Technology

Dr Yee has extensive experience and deep skills in Precision Engineering, which were acquired over 33 years in manufacturing, R&D and academia. He leads the re-skilling and upskilling of engineers to position Singapore’s manufacturing industry for growth in Industry 4.0, and mentors the next generation of engineers in an applied learning environment.

19 May 2023