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AAVC - Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic

AAVC is a strong believer in continuous learning, and cross-trains its staff to develop new and complementary skills. Employees are given a yearly allowance to engage in learning activities, while the company also sponsors them for further studies in veterinary and continuing professional education. AAVC supports talent development through SkillsFuture Work-Study Diploma programmes, training attachments and Career Trial programmes. Unsurprisingly, AAVC has become the choice for local and overseas veterinary students and professionals to train as part of their course curriculum.

Dragnet Smartech Security Pte. Ltd.

Dragnet strives to build a core of Singaporean workers. It is open to hiring candidates without prior experience and provides them with on-the- job training before commencing work. Dragnet has developed career progression tracks for staff to grow in different tracks and collaborates with ITE to send its employees for the part-time diploma on security systems engineering. This is augmented by its in-house e-learning portal, which includes coursework and assessments for employees to remain current and equipped with relevant industry knowledge.

Fei Siong Food Management Pte. Ltd.

Fei Siong’s digital transformation journey starts with equipping their employees with digital literacy skills and know-how. Their front-line employees, comprising mostly workers above 40, benefitted from the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme by incorporating technology into their jobs. An in-house Approved Training Organisation, they reference the Skills Framework for Food Services to develop career progression pathways and training roadmaps. Fei Siong also tapped on WorkPro for an eco-digestor project, which enabled them to upskill their cleaners to become service ambassadors.

Fong's Engineering and Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Fong’s Engineering focuses on building a strong organisational learning culture, advocating continuous learning as a key strategy to support enterprise transformation. Using the Skills Framework to determine future desired skillsets, the company initiated a team of master trainers to develop On-The-Job Training (OJT) curriculum and to build a talent pool of OJT instructors. Fong’s Engineering actively sends their employees for SkillsFuture Advice workshops, supports various SkillsFuture Work-Study programmes, and uplifts the industry by sharing their transformation experiences through learning journeys.

Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd

Nature Landscapes actively transforms the ‘software’ of the company, through developing On-The-Job Training blueprints for their business units and conducting in-house training for staff, such as WSQ qualification courses. With a digital-capable workforce, the company embraces technology to streamline operations and replace manual processes. Nature Landscapes is also committed to industry initiatives to professionalise the workforce; works with Institutes of Higher Learning to provide internship opportunities; and is actively involved in developing the Skills Framework for the landscape industry.

Raffles Quay Asset Management Pte Ltd

RQAM’s philosophy is centred on talent management, career planning and learning development. They proactively help employees upgrade and reskill, as well as strengthen our Singaporean core. RQAM has developed a Competency Framework, Success Profiles and Training Roadmap to identify future skills so as to prepare their workforce for future technological changes. RQAM also grooms fresh talent through the SkillsFuture Work- Study Programme and gives out study grants to university students.

SMRT Automotive Services Pte Ltd

SMRT actively supports national manpower development initiatives, such as implementing competency-based career progression pathways and encouraging staff to become trainers to share their skills and experience. An in-house training provider, the company aligns their WSQ programme to the SkillsFuture Framework; provides technical training to SMRT staff in vehicle maintenance; and runs apprenticeship programmes and traineeships for school leavers and ITE students. SMRT also exposes their staff to future technology through electric vehicle maintenance training and participation in autonomous vehicle trials

18 May 2023