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APRO Asian Protection Pte Ltd

APRO has been actively involved in developing the Skills Framework for Security, which is integral in skilling the sector’s workforce, and also contributed to the development of Progressive Wage Model for the Security industry. To guide employee’s development, the company implements structured career pathways and has invested in an e-porta to train their ranks-and-file staff. APRO also taps on the Inclusive Growth programme to enhance its productivity.

Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd

Eastport prides itself in helping fresh hires develop their professional capabilities in ship broking and giving employees training opportunities to further hone their skills. The company also focuses on technology, re-deployment of human capital, and re-training to help enhance the productivity of its lean workforce.

Eu Yan Sang (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Eu Yan Sang Singapore focuses on certifying its Herbalists to ensure that the brand is in the best position to serve its customers. The company is a people developer and a strong believer of continuing education so as to keep their Herbalists and Traditional Chinese Medicine advisors relevant. It actively engages its older employees to mentor younger employees.

JEP Precision Engineering Pte Ltd

JEP view its employees as key business resources, and it seeks to help them reach their full potential through co-created personal development. The company is an ITE-certified On-the-Job Training Centre. It is also currently involved in the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme as an employer, and is keen to recruit more participants.

Mao Sheng Quanji Construction Pte Ltd

Mao Sheng Quanji provides in-house training, external courses, Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications courses and on-the-job training for its employees. The company is also represented in the Workplace Safety and Health Council, offering expertise to develop capabilities for the landscape industry.

Riverwood Pte Ltd

Riverwood is an ITE-certified On-the-Job Training Centre that conducts in-house training for employees and sends them for Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications courses. Riverwood also participates in the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Programme, and provides a progressive workplace for ex-offenders.

Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG)

SLNG began developing a Competency Framework in 2016 to provide employees with greater clarity on their career progression paths and how they can enhance their employability by deepening and expanding their skill-sets, so that they can have long-term careers in SLNG and be part of a growing pool of LNG-industry talent for the country.

The Wok People Pte Ltd

The Wok People has a strong commitment to staff development and growth. It joined the SkillsFuture SME Mentors programme to enhance the company’s learning and development capabilities. Besides on-the-job training, The Wok People also develops customised training programmes to upskills employees. In addition, the company hires and retains locals through internships, SkillsFuture earn and Learn Programme, SME Talent programme and P-Max

18 May 2023