What is it?

The Skills Framework (SFw) is a SkillsFuture initiative, designed to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning for the Singapore workforce. It is an integral component of the Financial Services Industry Transformation Plan.

The Skills Framework for Financial Services is jointly developed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), Workforce Singapore (WSG), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF), along with industry associations, training providers, organisations and unions.

The Skills Framework for Financial Services identifies Sector Information, Occupations and Job Roles within the industry, and Existing and Emerging skills required for skills and facilitating mastery. View the Skills Framework for Financial Services here.

Who is it for?


  • Individuals who wish to join or progress within the Financial Services sector

  • Assess their career interests and aspirations within the sector

  • Identify relevant training programmes to upgrade and enhance their skills

  • Prepare for the desired job roles and opportunities within the industry.


  • Recognise and understand the vital skills required for success in the Financial Services industry

  • Invest in training and development programmes to enhance their employees' skills and support their career progression

Training providers:

  • Gain insights on the latest sector trends and emerging skill sets that are in demand

  • Design and develop training programmes that cater to the specific needs of the industry

How does it work?

Sector Information

Sector Information

This section provides information on the SFw for Financial Services, including information on trends and workforce profiles in the sector.

Download the Guide to Occupation and Skills for the Financial Services sector.

Skills Map

Skills Map

The Skills Maps covers a total of 158 job roles, critical work functions, key tasks and skills and competencies aligned to the six tracks (including the Family Office Advisor Skills Map).


Download the Skills Map, Skills and Competencies of 34 ITM sectors.

Skills and Competencies

Skills and Competencies

Each of the job roles identified are accompanied by a list of skills and competencies under two broad categories:

(a) Technical Skills and Competencies, which comprises of occupation/job-specific knowledge, skills and abilities that a person needs to have to perform the various tasks.

(b) Critical Core Skills (CCS), as identified for each job. CCSs are employability/transferable skills and competencies. Click here to learn more.


Download the Skills Map, Skills and Competencies of 34 ITM sectors.

Training Programmes

Training Programmes

For new entrants and in-service employees in the Financial Services sector to identify and enroll in relevant training programmes to acquire the necessary skills.

18 May 2023