SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative

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What Is it?

The SkillsFuture Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) aims to develop the next generation of Singaporean business leaders by supporting aspiring Singaporeans in acquiring critical leadership competencies and experiences through corporate leadership programmes.

Who Is It For?

The SkillsFuture LDI support is available for eligible Singaporeans who are keen to enhance their corporate leadership competencies and experiences in key sectors. 

How Will I Benefit?

Through the sectoral leadership programmes, you may gain leadership competencies and experiences that will help you in your development as a corporate leader.

How does it work?

Aspiring Singaporeans will need to seek endorsement from your employer to attend the selected sectoral leadership programmes. Individuals may be eligible for course fee subsidies.


How do I sign up?

Interested individuals may access the respective links for more information on various sectoral leadership initiatives:

 Sector  Programme Name    Organization
 Electronics  Singapore Semiconductor Leadership Accelerator*  Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association
 Energy  Energy Managers Programme*  Singapore Institute of Power and Gas
 Financial Services  Asian Financial Leaders Programme (AFLP)  Human Capital Leadership Institute /
 Singapore Management University
 Asia Leaders in Financial Institutions (ALFI)  National University of Singapore
 Human Resources  HR Leaders Programme  Human Capital Leadership Institute
 ICT  Digital Leadership Programmes  National University of Singapore –
 Institute of System Science
 Legal  SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme  Singapore Academy of Law / INSEAD
Singapore Global Enterprises  Singapore Global Executive Programme  Enterprise Singapore

*Supported under SkillsFuture LDI

In addition, individuals can also sign up to join the SG Leaders Network which brings together Singaporean corporate leaders at different career stages to hone their skills in navigating an increasingly complex business environment, through leveraging on one another’s experiences.