Eligible Courses

For Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above, what are the courses and programmes that will be given the enhanced subsidies?

The enhanced subsidies will apply to MOE-funded programmes and SSG-supported certifiable courses. MOE-funded programmes refer to those offered by ITE, Polytechnics, Autonomous Universities and the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC):

  • Diploma
  • Post-diploma (Diploma (Conversion), Specialist Diploma, Advanced Diploma)
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Postgraduate degree by Coursework (e.g. Post-Graduate Diploma or Masters by Coursework)

Where can I access the list of eligible courses for the enhanced subsidies?

The list of SSG-supported courses can be found in the Course Directory in MySkillsFuture. Please also check with the training provider if any funding/subsidy is available.

General Questions on the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

What is the key difference between the enhanced subsidies and other existing training subsidies by MOE and SSG?

The SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy is only for Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above, and is meant to be an enhancement on top of MOE/SSG base course fee subsidies. To be eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy, Singaporeans must be eligible for the MOE/SSG base course fee subsidy.

Why is there a need for enhanced subsidies for Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above? Why is the age set at 40 years old?

Mid-career Singaporeans often require significant re-skilling in the middle of their careers. They may face higher opportunity costs and competing demands in the form of job and family commitments relative to younger individuals in pursuing training. This additional support from the Government helps address the opportunity costs that mid-career individuals face, encouraging them to upskill and reskill.

Will the enhanced subsidies for Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above apply to PRs too?

Only Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above will be eligible to receive the enhanced subsidies. PRs will continue to receive subsidies at the prevailing subsidy levels.

18 May 2023