These resources and networks will provide valuable insights and guidance to help you better understand the skills your employees need to develop for improved business outcomes.
These initiatives are designed to make staff upskilling more efficient and reduce the time your employees need to be away from work.

No Money?

We've Got You Covered
We've Got You Covered.
These grants and subsidies can significantly lower the costs of staff training, making upskilling affordable for your organisation.

*Available to eligible employers, for up to 90% of out-of-pocket expenses remaining after SkillsFuture Singapore’s course fee subsidy.
Visit the Enterprise Portal for Jobs and Skills (EPJS), where you’ll find comprehensive information regarding more initiatives and schemes.
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Discover How SkillsFuture Has Benefitted These Companies

Championing skills-based progression
Championing skills-based progression
Company: Commonwealth Capital Pte Ltd (CCPL)
Commonwealth Capital Pte Ltd (CCPL) understands that developing both people and skills are key to binding their diversified F&B businesses. Since 2018, CCPL has tapped Enterprise Singapore's Enterprise Development and Productivity Solutions Grants to digitalise their warehouse, transport, sales, and HR management. They have also worked with Singapore National Employers Federation to redesign jobs and train 1,200 staff to better adjust to new working norms.

Today, CCPL actively sponsors their employees for SkillsFuture Singapore funded courses to help them stay relevant. They have also set up a new talent management program to groom high-potential staff and established structured skills-based pathways to guide employee career development.
Rising up the value chain with skills development
Rising up the value chain with skills development
Company: JM Vistec System
JM Vistec System, a prominent wholesaler of machine vision components, underwent a strategic shift from distribution to a comprehensive approach, encompassing solution development and expert consultation services. To bolster this transformation, they utilised the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) to upskill and elevate the software proficiency of their engineering team. In parallel, the company's managerial and leadership cadre have actively participated in SkillsFuture Singapore sponsored courses, to build advanced digital capabilities, enrich business processes, and better train employees.

As a direct outcome of these efforts, JM VisTec System anticipates an impressive 10% year-on-year revenue growth. Concurrently, they are poised to augment their service portfolio, ensuring an enhanced and diversified range of offerings to cater to the evolving needs of their clientele.
Breaking into new markets by upskilling
Breaking into new markets by upskilling
Company: Avid Adventures
Queen Bee: Prudential
Through the SME Skills Accelerator (SSA) program, Avid Adventures acquired expertise in design thinking from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)/Prudential. When faced with uncertainty during the COVID-19 Pandemic, they pivoted their business to offer online product offerings and expanded internationally to new markets.

Avid is committed to continuous learning and professional development for their staff. They have invested in training courses and instituted regular learning sessions for employees to share about their learning. Since 2019, their staff and management have attended a series of SkillsFuture Singapore funded courses, such as a digital marketing course and a six-month Software and Product Development course offered by National University of Singapore.
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