Frequently Asked Questions
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General Questions on MySkillsFuture

What is MySkillsFuture?

Formerly known as the Individual Learning Portfolio (ILP), MySkillsFuture is a one-stop online portal that enables Singaporeans to chart their own career and lifelong learning pathways, through access to industry information and tools to search for training programmes to broaden and deepen skills.

It will also incorporate the national Jobs Bank, presenting an integrated platform for users to access resources related to jobs, education and skills training.

Who are the intended users of MySkillsFuture?

MySkillsFuture is for Singaporean Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents The portal is designed for individuals, from Primary 5 students to working adults:

  1. Primary 5 to pre-university students will use the portal through structured classroom learning, using it as a tool for career exploration and planning.

  2. Post-Secondary Education Institution (PSEI) students, university students, national servicemen and working adults will use the portal independently, supported by career counsellors for career planning and building career resilience through lifelong learning.

Employers will also be able to use the MySkillsFuture portal to reach job seekers, as well as access resources to better train and develop their current employees.

When will MySkillsFuture be officially rolled out?

MySkillsFuture will be introduced in stages over the next few years, with the first stage scheduled for release in 2017.

Questions on the Benefits of MySkillsFuture

How will MySkillsFuture benefit individuals?

MySkillsFuture enables Singaporeans of all ages to make informed learning and career choices for skills and career development throughout life. The portal has tools and resources to help individuals discover industry insights, explore jobs and training programmes based on their career and learning needs, so that every Singaporean can progress throughout their education and working life. Individuals can access online assessment tools to understand themselves better.

A library of specially curated content keeps users updated with the latest labour market information, so that they can stay ahead in their career. The training exchange lets individuals explore available courses based on their aspirations and learning needs. Together with an integration of the national Jobs Bank, the MySkillsFuture portal lets Singaporeans take charge of their career path and lifelong learning journey.

How will MySkillsFuture benefit employers?

MySkillsFuture is accessible by both employers and job seekers. Incorporating features such as the national Jobs Bank and the training exchange, MySkillsFuture provides employers with resources that can help them with the recruitment, as well as training and development of their employees.

How does MySkillsFuture help me find courses and jobs?

MySkillsFuture integrates a number of features including the national JobsBank and a training exchange. Jobs Bank helps facilitate job matching between local job seekers and employers, while the training exchange lets individuals explore courses suitable for them.